Is a Security Guard a Peace Officer?

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At a certain point in our history, we agreed that public peace was a vital and essential component of the social contract that all of us tend to live by. Maintaining the public peace became a top priority for most societies that started to arise, and there were many different ways in which they tried to achieve the level of peace that they truly desired from themselves based on what they were trying to accomplish. Perhaps the most common way to try to achieve peace has traditionally been through the use of people known as peace officers.

Peace officers can come in a lot of forms, and they usually take the roles of police personnel with the military sometimes getting involved in keeping the peace as well at the end of the day. However, if you were to hire residential security team in London, suffice it to say that none of the security guards in this team would be considered peace officers, at least as far as their legal capacity is concerned. Peace officers are usually described as people that are empowered to make arrests whenever they see that a law is being broken, and security guards are obviously not allowed to do anything of the sort.

Instead, the most that they can do is make what is called a citizen’s arrest wherein they detain someone that they saw committing a crime and hold onto them while the real peace officers arrive. Regardless of that, security guards can be a strong deterrent for criminal activity, and they can help protect your personal belongings in such a way that you would never have to end up worrying for their safety ever again.