Representative Articles

How to Become a Talent Magnet
Wise leaders build engagement by becoming magnets for high-performing talent.
May 18, 2016 – Sharon Jordan-Evans and Beverly Kaye
Talent Management Magazine

What Matters Most?
A White Paper About Organizational Stay Factors
June 2012 – Sharon Jordan-Evans and Beverly Kaye

Are We Having Fun Yet?
Leadership Excellence April, 2012
Sharon Jordan-Evans and Bev Kaye

When The Lights Come Back On
By Sharon Jordan-Evans and Bev Kaye

Prevent Exit Interviews
Talent Management April, 2010
By Bev Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans

5 stupid things to say when firing someone
MSN Business Central, 2003

15 Minutes To Your Best Self

Ain’t We Got Fun?
FastCompany Column, October 2005

Are We Having Fun Yet?
Leadership Excellence April, 2012

Are You the Jerk at Work?
FastCompany Column, June 2005

Ask an Expert: Tony Soprano was a really bad boss
Special for USA TODAY

Assets To Investors
ASTD’s Training & Development, April 2003

Become a Better Manager
Investor’s Business Daily, June 15, 2006

Book Review – Love ’em or Lose ’em: Getting Good People to Stay
Emerald Journal: Library Management, volume 29 issue 3, 2008

Boomer Bailout
FastCompany Column, August 2004

The Buck Stops Here
Law Practice Review, February 2006

Building Loyalty and Commitment in the Workplace – Retention White Paper
Career Systems International – 2004

Business Unusual
Adapted from Wall Street Journal’s Best Seller, Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em’: Getting Good People to Stay

Career Coaches Hit Us with Their Best Shots
USA Today – Careers Network

Carve Out A Career Path
Leaders & Success, September 2003

Closing the Satisfaction Gap
Sometimes, your team’s biggest challenge isn’t overcoming a performance or competency gap, FastCompany March 2005

“Creative Strategies” Help Achieve Work-Life Balance
St. Peters Journal, June 2004

Development as a Retention Tool January 2003

Developing Talented Employees
Northwest Florida Daily News, March 2008

Don’t Insult Employees, Ask ‘em to Stay, October, 2009

Don’t Run From Career Conversations
FastCompany Column, June 2006

Downsizing Reassessed
More companies have come to see today’s layoffs as tomorrow’s hiring headache.
The Courier Journal, Monday, July 16, 2001

Do You Love It?
ASTD’s Detroit chapter newsletter, January 2004

Energize Their Work, Energize your employees
During economic downturns, our employees’ job EKG can go flat. With an upturn in business, you need to energize your employees.
American Management Association • Executive Matters, June 2004

Energize Your Employees
FastCompany Column, December 2005

Engaging the Massive Middle
Sharon Jordan-Evans and Beverly Kaye, A White Paper

Find Their Calling
FastCompany Column, December 2006

Follow The Blinking Words
Credit Union Frontline, February 2008

For Gen Xers, It’s Work to Live
Wall Street Journal, November 29, 2005; Page B6

Gaining Long-Term Job Success
Investors Daily, Friday April 6, 2001

Get Family Friendly
FastCompany Column, January 2006

Gifts That Keep On Giving, November 2003

Give Employees the Space They Need
FastCompanyColumn, April 2006

Have You Selected Your New Years Resolution Yet?
Based On: Love It Don’t Leave It: 26 Ways to Get What You Want at Work, December 2003

High Touch for High Tech
Retention crisis spawns a new school of management consultants stressing respect and trust.
Business 2.0,  February 1, 2000

How to Get Out of a ‘Dead-End’ Job
The first step, say the authors of an intriguing new book, is to let people know you’re looking for bigger challenges. Then, learn to spot opportunities around you.
Fortune Magazine, October 2003

How To Get That Raise
Leaders & Success, October 2003

How to Overcome the Workplace Blues.
FastCompany Column, November 2004

Human Resources Forum
The Human Resources Forum , May 2003

It’s No Mystery Why Some People Lose Staff — They’re Jerks
Excerpts from Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay
Business WeekOnLine – Book Excerpt – January 21, 2000

Jobs: the young and the restless
Puget Sound Business Report, November 25, 2005 print edition

Juggling… adjusting, gearing up and hanging on
Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans

Just Ask: Strategies for Engaging and Retaining Help Desk Professionals
HDP Connections – The Newsletter for Help Desk Professionals, August 2004

Keep employees engaged with expanded options
USA Today – Careers Network, August 2002

Keep Valued Employees In Uncertain Times
USA Today – Careers Network

Low-Cost (and No Cost) Strategies For Retaining Agents
Call Center Management Review, August 2002

Manager As Coach
Canadian Manager

Management in Training
Christine Babick

Management: Keep valued employees in uncertain times
USA Today – Careers Network, August 2002

Manager’s Edge Newletter
Bad News – to tell them or not.
Adapted from Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay

Managers Hold Key To Keep Staff Happy
Globe and Mail, June 2004

Methodist receives NIH grant to implement nurese retention program

Mentor Them!
FastCompany Column, May 2007

Mentor Them To Keep Them
Ka-Ching, 1999

Not-So-Nice Costs as Work Stress Mounts
Wall Street Journal, January 17, 2006; Page B4

Overtime: Colleagues behaving badly
UPI Workplace, August 2002

Pay Isn’t Everything
Chicago Tribune, 2002

Practical Publications.
The Boston Globe, December 1, 2002

Prevent Exit Interviews
Talent Management, April 2010

Quick Quits
You recruit. You hire. You train. Within a year, they leave. No one wants to spend time and dollars finding the right people, only to have to start all over again.
FastCompany Column, Jenaury 2005

Recruit and Re-recruit
FastCompany Column, June 2007

Retain Employees Without Extra Costs, November 20, 2008

Retaining Talent
Leadership Excellence, Summer 2005

Retention: Tag, You’re It!
Training & Development, April 2000

Say Goodbye “Former Employees”, Hello Alumni
The Human Resources Forum – 9-12, May 2002

Sign-On Bonuses: The Cure for Staffing Shortages?, November 2003

Staying Longer? Make It Better!
Personal Excellence, December 2003

Supervisor Training: 3 Effective Methods to Turn Everyday Staff Into Supervisors
Institute of Management & Administration (IOMA), 2002

Take Charge of Your Career
Travel Professional

Take your job and love (or at least like) it
The Indianapolis Star, October 2003

Talent Alert 2008
Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans

Tell Them The Truth
FastCompany Column, September 2007

The annoyed employed Disgruntled workers are sticking with their jobs and burying their gripes during the recession. But don’t look for that to last, industry experts say.
Chicago Tribune, December 29, 2002

The Art Of Making Employees Stay Put
Yahoo News 04/11/08

The Daily Grind: Career coaches hit us with their best shots
USA Today – Careers Network, August 2002

Think Twice Before Downsizing
Investors Daily, April 20, 2001

Think Twice: Why Stars Switch Galaxies
Workforce Magazine, April 2002

What About Them?
Are employees waiting for you to improve workplace morale and dedication? Here are some ways to better involve them in the process.
FastCompany Column. January 2005

When flames of fear lick at your feet
The Globe and Mail 05/07/08

When The Thrill Is Gone, So Are They
FastCompany Column, July 2007

While I’m Gone, Transitioning Into And Back From Family And Medical Leave
Black Enterprise, September 2004

Work & Money: Office blues? Four ways to fulfillment.
Christian Science Monitor, August, 2004

Working smarter, with more time for family life
Chicago Tribune, February 16, 2004

Working your way out of a slump
CNN/Money, June 10, 2004

Would You Hire You?, November 2003

Your New Core Strategy: Employee Retention
Harvard Management Update , November 2003